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Case Study: Winnetka Water Damage Restoration Project

Project Type

Sump pump failures can be expensive for homes in Winnetka, IL. The following is a case study of a Winnetka water damage restoration project for a client who suffered water damage after their sump pump failed. 

Upon arrival, our team discovered that the property owner’s sump pump had failed, causing water to overflow into their basement beneath the garage, which had been built up as a basketball court. The water flowed throughout the space, harming not just the drywall but also the carpeting and specialized tile. During our investigation, we discovered that the sump pump was running during heavy rain and wasn’t powerful enough to remove the water quickly and avoid overflow.

Project Challenges

We determined that the house would unfortunately need extensive repairs once the root source of the problem was resolved. The water that had entered the basement had caused severe damage, and we had to remove the carpet to get access to the wet drywall and insulation. The tiles were also meticulously labeled, and each tile had to be separated, disinfected, and dried. Every tile had a specific location in the flooring system, and it required a coordinated effort to return them to their original arrangement. We also provide the plumber with the materials required to install the appropriate sump pump for the size of the room. In addition to this, we installed a dehumidification system to make the drying process simpler and faster.

Project Results

The homeowner was quite pleased with our services. The damaged room has been and will continue to be utilized for its original function.

The Excel Restoration Service Inc. Process

Unexpected incidents may occur in your Winnetka, IL home, and some of these incidents result in water damage to your home and other valuables. That is why, in the case of a water damage emergency, Excel Restoration Service Inc. has a trained team of restoration professionals on call 24/7. We bring in experts to clean and repair your house, guaranteeing that the task is done quickly and to a high degree of quality. You can count on us to restore your Winnetka IL property to its pre-loss condition and provide you peace of mind. For more information on our water damage water restoration process, contact Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services at (224) 212-1311.

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