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Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services is one of the most trust names in mold remediation services in all of Chicago. When our clients in Grayslake IL started to notice mold growing in and around their walls, flooring, and ceiling last December, they decided to call in our mold testing services to determine the severity of the issue. With noticeable health effects caused by the mold, along with our test results, we recommended the best course of action to remediate the situation by utilizing our mold removal techniques.

Project Inspection 

Upon further inspection, it was clean that a lack of insulation in the exterior walls and ceiling caused condensation throughout different areas of the house. This resulted in mold on nearly every exterior wall, on the ceilings, and in the attic. It also caused water damage to the hardwood floors from the condensation that has accumulated.

Our Solution 

Some areas of the home that were affected by mold and condensation could not be safely salvaged. Other areas needed a deep cleaning to remove hazardous mold growth. For this particular project, we removed the affected wet drywall, cleaned and sanitized the studs that had mold encapsulated them, and installed proper vent shoots and insulation. We also replaced the drywall that had to be removed, and finished up by painting the house and refinishing the affected hardwood floors. 

The Results 

Our clients were relieved to know that their home was now safe and practically new again. They were extremely happy with all of the work performed and were glad to know that they would no longer have the health issues they had experienced due to the mold. Our preventative measures gave them peace of mind that the issue was completely remediated.

The Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services Process

Grayslake, IL is known to have wet seasons that can cause hidden water damage to home and businesses. That’s why Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services Service Inc. has a dedicated team of restoration technicians on standby for any water damage or mold remediation emergency. We bring in specialists to clean up and repair your property, and ensure efficient and high-quality work. You can count on us to quickly restore your Grayslake property to pre-loss condition and give you peace of mind. Contact Excel Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services at (224) 212-1311 .

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