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If you have mold growth in your home or business, you may need to hire a professional mold remediation company. Mold growth inside a building typically happens because of water damage caused by flooding, leaky appliances, high humidity, or any other factor that puts excess moisture in a home. Mold remediation is important because, if left unchecked, mold can release spores into the air that can trigger allergies and lead to the risk of certain diseases. What’s more, mold can be unsightly and create a musky odor. Black mold especially can be very dangerous to have in your home or business. If you’re looking for help removing black mold from your home, you need to look into hiring a quality mold removal service so you can ensure your house is getting the best treatment possible. Mold remediation can potentially be a costly process, but it’s worth it to ensure the air quality in your building so it remains a place people want to stay in. And it will go a long way in ensuring the safety and health of the people occupying your McHenry, IL home. Finding a company to perform commercial pro mold remediation work is a good investment, so contact and sign up with a commercial mold remediation company you can trust.

What is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation involves the cleaning and/or potential removal of the areas of a building affected by mold growth. This can involve the deep cleaning of mold off of surfaces using disinfectants and the removal of affected materials such as carpeting or walling. The cost of these kinds of jobs can vary depending on factors such as:

  • The source of the moisture 
  • The extent of the damage in square feet
  • The number of affected materials
  • How difficult the area is to clean

Typically, a mold remediation job can cost anywhere between the area of $500 to $6,000. These varying costs mean you have a lot to consider before you go through with a job. It all depends on the mold removal company you sign up with. Black mold in the basement can be an especially risky job for a commercial mold cleanup company, so you should know exactly what kind of job needs to be done before you hire a pro company to best ensure your own health and to ensure the health of the workers.

When Will You Need Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation services are important to seek whenever you believe there may be a mold problem in your home. Mold damage can be caused by water or moisture affecting structures in your home such as walls, ceiling, floors, and furniture. Certain types of water damage can lead to mold damage caused by:

  • Flooding caused by storms
  • Leaky appliances
  • Burst pipes

Although a company that offers water damage restoration will help with removing the water and helping with the drying process, you really need to make sure mold damage restoration is also included in their services. Mold in your home can be a really big problem for the people living there. Mold spores can be released into the air and trigger allergies and lead to various lung diseases. Mold may even lead to an unpleasant odor in your home that can make people nauseous. Mold remediation is important to implement after your home or business has experienced water damage because mold cleaning services will get rid of any mold already there through cleaning and disinfecting, and the service will prevent the growth and release of mold spores in the future. Check your water damage restoration company’s terms of use to see what services they offer and consider getting mold testing for your building if you’re unsure about the risk of mold growth.

Mold Remediation Services

The mold remediation process can vary between different companies depending on the extent of the work and the risk involved. Mold growth on the various surfaces of your home can pose a significant environmental risk, so you need to contact a company you can trust to remove the mold safely and effectively. Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services can help you with new and commercial mold restoration services upon request. When you give us a call, you can be guaranteed that we will perform our step by step process in order to bring you a result that you can see. We take the view that every mold removal job should be done to a high standard so each step is performed with the environmental health of your home in mind.

When you call on our Mold Removal Services:

  • Trained personnel will get to your property within the hour to begin immediate inspection removal.
  • We will comb every inch of your property to identify areas that have been affected.
  • A licensed and trained professional will assess the mold and identify the type we are dealing with.
  • We make a complete plan for removal and may ask you to leave your premises if the problem is severe.
  • We will seal off contaminated areas to prevent any risk of spread.
  • Mold infected materials will be removed or cleaned thoroughly depending on the severity.
  • High-powered vacuums are used to completely remove the mold and a filter may also be used to clean the air.
  • All waste material will be disposed of in sealed containers according to approved procedures.

Finding the cause of mold is crucial to preventing the problem from recurring. If you’ve recently been affected by flooding in your area, you may need an emergency mold remediation service. Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services can help clean your home of mold and get the results you’re looking for. If you’ve read our reviews, you’ll know that we offer a quality service. We get the job done right, and we’re dedicating to handling your job in a way that is respectful to your property. We use state of the art equipment to perform our services and with COVID-19 concerns, there is no better time to do your part to ensure the health of the people who use your building every day. You can contact Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services by calling our number at (224) 212-1217 or visiting our website.