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Excel Restoration Answer the Question Can Mold Spread From Room To Room

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According to research from EarthWeb, over 70% of residential structures worldwide have a mold problem. Mold can grow in the harshest of environments, and all a few spores need is a bit of moisture, oxygen, and a biodegradable food source to develop into multiple colonies. The mold remediation experts at Excel Restoration Service, Inc. love answering questions from homeowners, such as “Can mold spread from room to room?” and “Can water damage to ceiling tiles produce mold in your home?”

In this explainer, licensed technicians from Excel will outline how mold spreads and degrades indoor air quality. They will also detail the harmful effects of fungal spores and the steps they follow to eliminate them.

Signs of Mold Growth

Mold can hide in plain sight, and entire colonies can use almost any biodegradable substance as a food source. Technicians from Excel Restoration Service answer hundreds of house calls annually for clients who find mold on their clothes, books, and even in their liquid-cooled computers. Property managers and homeowners must watch out for these common signs of mold growth if they want to protect their structural investments:

  • Mold produces a musty smell reminiscent of old newspapers, which technicians call MVOCS—microbial volatile organic compounds—that can trigger allergies and asthma attacks.
  • Cloth and carpet fibers will develop black and white stains, especially during the humid weeks of the summer.
  • Unchecked condensation in a water heater closet floor will encourage mold growth as warm temperatures help fungus multiply.
  • Furniture with porous materials, like foam, upholstery, and wood, will develop fuzzy and discolored spots.
  • Bubbling paintwork near leaky window sills is likely to harbor mold.

Can Mold Spread from Room to Room?

Mold spores are airborne particles that can travel from one room to another. Even though the most common cause of mold growth in an American household is water damage from floods and busted pipes, it can still come in through decaying plant and animal matter from outside.

Mold spores floating in the air can attach themselves to pet fur, shoes, and clothes people wear outdoors, finding an indoor space with suitable moisture levels to start reproduction. The National Library of Medicine lists over 100 types of molds that can cause sleep problems and infections.

Get Professional Mold Remediation from Excel Restoration Service

So, can mold spread from room to room? Most definitely. Whenever homeowners in Illinois suspect mold growth, they call Excel Restoration Service. Contact them at (224) 412-5222 or visit their website at for your free consultation and eliminate mold in its tracks.

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