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Excel Restoration Shares Tips to Avoid Water Damage From Your Washing Machine

Preventing Washing Machine Water Damage in Your Home

Home water damage isn’t just caused by natural disasters and floods. They can also be caused by something as simple as leaks from plumbing fixtures or appliances. In fact, washing machines are a common culprit of water damage, and these sorts of problems can sneak up on homeowners.

Fortunately, there are many ways that homeowners can prevent washing machine water damage in their homes. The following steps are just a few of the tried tips and tricks that can keep a washing machine working properly. 

Follow Proper User Instructions

User error is one of the biggest reasons that washing machines fail, but it also happens to be one of the easiest things to prevent. In fact, overloading the washing machine is something that most people are guilty of. 

While it might not seem like a big deal the first time, it can cause damage around the drum over time. As a result, it will start to leak. Homeowners should consult their user manual to see how full their washing machine should be loaded. However, it’s typically about ¾ of the drum.   

Utilize Water Leak Detector Technology

These devices are a great way to ensure instant alerts when water starts to leak from the washing machine pump or hose. Best of all, some of the devices are capable of shutting off the supply of hot or cold water if a leak is detected. This can prevent a lot of money in water damage restoration

Don’t Use the Wrong Detergent 

Some detergents can cause suds and bubbles when used in washing machines. When this happens, it can lead to an overflow. Therefore, it’s important that homeowners ensure they are using the proper detergent for their specific washing machine if they want to avoid water damage issues. 

Inspect Water Supply Hoses Regularly

Many homeowners don’t think twice about the hoses on their washing machines, but these are often the sources of leaks. In order to prevent water damage, the hoses should be checked regularly for blisters, stress cracks, or worn spots. The connection should also be tested to make sure it hasn’t loosened over time. 

Replace Hoses

If the hoses appear to have any damage, it’s best to replace them right away, but they should also be replaced regularly, even if they appear to be okay. In fact, most manufacturers recommend replacing the hoses every five years to prevent any washing machine water damage. This is due to the fact that deterioration can occur within the hose, and it might not be noticed until the leaking has already occurred.

Ensure Proper Connection with Drain Hose

The water supply hose isn’t the only piece of the washing machine that should be checked. The drain hose can also be a source of leaks, so it should be inspected as well. In addition to looking for typical signs of wear and tear, homeowners should ensure the connection is still tight. When the machine agitates or drains, the hose can start to loosen and leak. Homeowners should inspect the drain hose too. After storms, it can get clogged with debris. 

Leave Space Between Wall and Washing Machine

Far too many homeowners want to push their washing machines as close to the wall as possible to maximize space. However, this can lead to kinks in both the supply and drain hoses. In addition to slowing down or stopping the flow of water, it can eventually lead to deterioration and leaking. Therefore, it’s recommended that washing machines be placed at least four inches from the wall.

Shut off Water 

Finally, it’s best to get in the habit of shutting off both water supply valves if the washing machine will be sitting idle for more than a few days. This step is especially important when homeowners plan to leave for vacation. Otherwise, they could come home to a flooded laundry room! Using these valves regularly also creates an opportunity to check their integrity as well. Valves should be replaced if they leak or fail to open and close smoothly. 

Find out More About How to Prevent Washing Machine Water Damage 

If you would like to learn more about how to handle washing machine water damage, contact the experts of Excel Fire and Water Damage Restoration. We have seen countless homes damaged by leaking washing machines, so we can provide you with more guidance. 

Our crews are also available to help you if you have already noticed leaks. You can contact our emergency line to request our restoration services. We are available 24/7 by phone, or you can submit our online form to request your free quote.

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