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Excel Restorers Outlines Tips for Cleaning Up Water Damage

Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services knows several tips for cleaning up water damage

How to Clean up Water Damage

With more than 20 years of restoration excellence, Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services knows several tips for cleaning up water damage and limiting loss of possessions and living space.

Justin Parat, owner of the family-owned and operated business recently shared some of these tips, highlighting the importance of water damage repair. These are a starting point, but it’s best to seek professional help for full restoration after water damage.

Many cases of flooding result from burst pipes, overflowing sinks and baths, and leaking roofs. Additionally, tropical storms, coastal floods, and hurricanes can lead to significant damage,” Mr. Parat said. “Whatever the cause, the damage can be devastating, costing homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and restoration. Fortunately, these suggestions can help homeowners take prompt action to revitalize their homes.”

Justin Parat insists that homeowners take all the necessary safety precautions. “Safety is the main concern,” he says. “Homeowners should start with the basics: wearing protective clothing such as gloves, masks, and safety goggles, switching off their electric power, disconnecting all outlets, checking for gas leaks, washing their hands after working in flood situations.”

After taking the necessary safety precautions, Mr. Parat advises that homeowners try to prevent flooding from worsening. Doing so could include turning off the water source if possible and making temporary repairs to breaches in the home’s structure.

Homeowners should ensure they attain proof of loss by taking videos and photographs and making written notes of all the damage. This is vital for those planning to file an insurance claim,” Mr. Parat says.

Once documentation is complete, property owners should remove any damaged and wet items. It’s crucial to remove anything that could further soak the home and weaken its structural integrity.

Property owners dealing with flood damage will focus more on personal belongings. However, inspecting the walls and ceilings and popping and draining the bulges that might be present is crucial to prevent further damage.

Cleaning up water damage is never easy, especially for those lacking the necessary expertise and experience. While these tips can help limit loss and prevent mold, the best thing any property owner dealing with water damage can do is reach out to a restoration professional.

Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services have the tools and expertise needed to aid property owners in their restoration efforts. Homeowners can contact Excel Fire And Water Restoration Services at (224) 412-5222 or visit their website at to learn more about the company’s services and get more tips for cleaning up water damage.

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