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Excel Restorers Talks on Ten Perfect Methods for Preventing Water Damage

Excel Restoration a water damage restoration company that provides services within the McHenry Illinois.

The water damage restoration experts at Excel Restoration Service Inc. provide services within the McHenry community in Illinois. Over 20 years in the industry has taught them ten proven methods for preventing water damage, which they share to save McHenry’s homeowners and businesses from costly water damage repairs.

10 Methods That Could Help Locals Prevent Water Damage

According to Excel Restoration Service, Inc., water damage happens more often than property owners think. Their top ten prevention methods include:

  1. Locate the water mains: Property owners must be aware of the area’s water supply system, including where to find the stopcock and mains. In the case of a severe plumbing issue, this will need an urgent shutdown.
  2. Check for leaks: It is a good idea to regularly check for leaks under sinks, pipe joints, and appliances, like washing machines and dishwashers.
  3. Recognize moisture issues: Homeowners should look for moisture and mold on floors, walls, furniture, and carpets. Flaking wallpaper or paint is a sure sign of dampness. Adding a layer of insulation could be a temporary solution.
  4. Clear debris from gutters: At Excel Restoration Service, Inc., the team commonly receives water damage calls from clogged gutters. Leaves, branches, moss, and weeds accumulate year-round, causing pooling after rain. The damage can be serious if this leads to sagging gutters or leaks down the walls.
  5. Regulate temperatures: Pipe damage is a common precursor to flooding and other water damage. However, installing a thermostat inside can prevent this during winter.
  6. Disconnect water sources: Cold weather may cause standing water in hoses and irrigation to freeze during the winter in Illinois, frequently causing pipe ruptures. The professionals recommend disconnecting and emptying these pipes after use.
  7. Rely on technology: Advanced water piping makes physical leak checks tedious. However, installing water-leak detection devices could save even costlier water damage.
  8. Remove pools of water: Are there stagnant pools visible on surfaces? Excel Restoration Service, Inc. advises immediate draining and drying of these pools to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  9. Measure pressure: Pipes rupture when the water pressure is too high. A pressure gauge on an outside faucet is easy to check (with the faucet on total).
  10. Ask for help: Nothing beats an experienced professional’s eye for water damage. Scheduling regular plumbing maintenance from trustworthy local services is an excellent way to stay on top of the property’s water systems.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Services—McHenry, IL

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