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Excel Restorers Guide On How to File a Water Damage Insurance Claim in Cary, IL

How to File an Insurance Claim for Water Damage in Cary, IL

The average homeowner doesn’t have much experience with water damage, so they typically don’t understand the process for filing an insurance claim. While it might seem straightforward enough, it’s easy for homeowners to make a mistake that could cause the insurance company to deny their claim. If this happens, homeowners could lose thousands of dollars in coverage and be forced to pay for the restoration out of pocket. 

In order for homeowners to successfully file a claim, it’s important that they take the time to understand the process. Since Excel Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services has worked on countless water damage projects, they know how to file an insurance claim. Continue reading to learn more about the steps homeowners can take to successfully file a water damage insurance claim.

Review Your Coverage

Before a homeowner wastes time filling out all of the paperwork, they need to make sure that the incident is covered by their current insurance policy. There are actually several types of water damage that aren’t covered by typical homeowners insurance. If the homeowner doesn’t have extra flood insurance, they may not get any coverage for the restoration. Even if the water damage is covered, homeowners should double-check any limitations and deductibles before filing. 

Reach out to Your Insurance Provider

Once a homeowner has reviewed their insurance policy, they should reach out to their insurance provider. Their representatives can provide more information on their policy coverage, and they can answer any questions homeowners might have about the process of filing a claim. To save time on this step, homeowners should have their policy number available to provide to the agent.

Acquire the Forms to Submit a Claim

After the homeowner gets off the phone with their insurance agent, they should have access to the forms. Many insurance companies can email them or use an app to speed up the claims process. It’s imperative that homeowners take their time going through all of the paperwork so that they can fill it out properly. Any mistakes could cause the claim to be denied, or it could delay the process. Homeowners should be extra thorough with this step, but they should keep the submission deadline in mind as well.

Make Efforts to Mitigate the Damage

As long as it is safe to do so, homeowners should make an effort to stop the spread of water damage. If it was caused by a broken pipe, they might have to shut off the main supply line to the house. In cases where water damage was caused by storm damage to the house, it may prove to be more challenging. 

Homeowners should ask their insurance company about completing temporary repairs with tarps and boards until the restoration process can begin. This process should be documented in case the insurance company requests proof of mitigation efforts.

Provide Adequate Documentation with Your Claim

Speaking of documentation, homeowners must provide thorough documentation to support their claims. This could include photos of the affected area and the source of water damage. Some insurance companies may also request video, if available. 

That’s not all!

It’s crucial that homeowners keep a record of any conversations with contractors and the quotes they provide. They should also safely store any receipts for expenses related to water damage. While this step might be time-consuming, it could be the difference between a claim’s approval and denial. 

Wait for the Insurance Adjuster

After the homeowner’s insurance provider has reviewed the claim, they may reach out to the homeowner with any additional questions about the damage. It’s not uncommon for them to send an insurance adjuster to the property to see the affected area for themselves. 

This person will inspect the home and assess the water damage. Based on their findings, they will provide the homeowner with an estimate of the cost of repairing the house. They may also send payment so that homeowners can hire a company. 

Get Assistance with Claims 

In order to make sure that they get the best coverage for their water damage insurance claim, homeowners should hire a restoration company that can assist them with their claims. Having professional assistance from a water damage expert can make a huge difference in the amount of money the homeowner gets approved for.

Find out More About How to File an Insurance Claim for Water Damage in Cary, IL

To learn more about how to file an insurance claim with the help of a Cary water damage company, homeowners should contact Excel Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services. The experienced professionals can be reached by phone for emergency services 24/7, or homeowners can submit their online quote form to request more information.

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