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Crystal Lake Nature Center

Are you tired of searching for a complete adventure to be close to nature and unwind? Don’t look further than the Crystal Lake Nature Center. After a few stressful months of working in the office, give yourself the chance to relax, reflect, and learn with the Crystal Lake Nature Center. Situated in Veteran Acres Park, the Nature Center is easy to find and perfect for new or inexperienced travelers across the globe.

What Sets the Crystal Lake Nature Center Apart From the Rest?

There are plenty of places to visit for all to find their newer self, and Crystal Lake Nature Center stands out from the rest. Here are some of the reasons people visit and explore the Nature Center:

  • Exhibits: Who doesn’t like exhibits? Everyone loves that. But with the variety of options to choose from, you may wonder where, to begin with. Say bye to any pressure and trouble with the Nature Center.
  • Bees and Butterflies – Bring Back Some of Your Sweet Childhood Memories: One of the seasonal exhibits in the Nature Center is its Butterfly Habitat. After Memorial Day, the butterflies and bees get more active, and you can see thousands of them flying around and doing their work. What’s more, is that you can enjoy everything for free. Registration is not necessary. But Nature Center accepts any donations to improve its facility to meet everyone’s unique needs and requirements.
  • Paul Friend Fossil Collection – Travel Back in Time with Paul Friend’s Collection: The Nature Center also exhibits Paul Friend Fossil Collection. Some of the fossils include Arthropleura cristata, fossilized polychaete worms, tullimonstrum gregarium, fossilized crustaceans, numerous fossilized jellyfish, and a wide range of plant fossils. Most of Paul Friend’s fossils are considered Mazon Creek Fossils because they came from an area in northern Illinois. Mazon Creek Fossils are composed of preserved soft-bodied animals that existed 300 million years ago. Paul Friend Fossil Collection is perfect for those who want to learn new things.
  • Scouts Program: The Nature Center also offers comprehensive scout programs for interested boys and girls out there. Every program consists of a few hours of instruction handled by well-trained, certified, and experienced instructors. The fees also vary, making any scout program an ideal option for those who are on a budget.
  • It Accepts Volunteers: Restoring natural ecosystems is one of the top priorities of the Nature Center. But doing it alone is not possible, so the Nature Center accepts volunteers to alleviate global warming and protect nature to the fullest, effectively.
  • Climbing Tower: The Nature Center is also known for its Climbing Tower, which is suitable for everyone who wants an adrenaline-boosting and breathtaking adventure. Measuring 24 feet tall, the Climbing Tower is something you cannot afford to miss. Gears are provided. Plus, safety is guaranteed.

What Are You Going To Do Now?

Whether you like to witness enchanting butterflies, experience Paul Friend Fossil Collection, do volunteer work or climb a 24-foot tall tower, the Nature Center is the place that can turn any of these goals into a reality. Contact it now for more details.

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