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Veteran Acres Park

Going to the park is among the best ways to unwind and release stress. If you love parks, it is a good idea to visit Veteran Acres Park. The place is considered one of Crystal Lake Park District’s crown jewels. Veteran Acres Park features Rotary Building, Crystal Lake Park District Nature Center, and Oakwoods Lodge.

Perfect Recreational Destination

If you want to enjoy fun activities, Veteran Acres Park can be the best destination. It features different recreational areas and outdoor athletic fields such as playground, 2 picnic shelters, restrooms, basketball court, 2 lighted tennis courts, boardwalk, walking paths, Acorn Alley splash pad, and fishing pier. It also Frank Repp baseball field which is used by Babe Ruth Baseball League, Mary Peacock softball field used by the Girls Softball Association, and sled hills.

Nature trail

If you want to spend time with nature, Veteran Acres Park is the solution. You can enjoy hiking and cross country ski trails during wintertime in natural areas like Sterne’s Woods and Wingate Prairie, which is an Illinois Nature Preserve. The team of Veteran Acres Park strives to offer people the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature through hands-on activities, progressive programs, volunteer opportunities, and seasonal exhibits.

Splash pad

The park is a home of Playground and Acorn Alley Splash Pad. It is children-friendly, so you can play with your kids in the park.

Picnic areas

Veteran Acres Park also includes various picnic areas and shelters visitors can rent. Their picnic areas include Veteran Acres, West Beach, and Main Beach. The picnic shelters in the place include Rotary, Sterne’s Woods, Lippold Skate Park, Veteran Acres, and Woodscreek Park. Good thing there are also amenities such as electricity, picnic tables, water, and grills.


You can also enjoy exhibits in the area. Some of their special exhibits include:

  • Bees and Butterflies: You can see live butterflies fluttering in their Butterfly Habitat during summer. There is no fee or registration needed, but a $1 each individual donation is also appreciated. You can be amazed by their see-through beehive, wherein you can see how a live beehive works.
  • Paul Friend Fossil Collection: They also have an impressive fossil collection donated by Paul Friend, who is a longtime resident of Crystal Lake and an amateur fossil collector. The fossils came from the area in the south of Joliet, northern Illinois, and are considered to be Mazon Creek Fossils. The fossils in this place are famous in the world because of their diversity and quality. These Mazon Creek Fossils come from animals and plants which lived on the Pennsylvanian time of about 300 million years ago. Among these fossils are different fossilized jellyfish, arthropleura cristata, fossilized polychaete worms, tullymonstrum gregarium or Tully Monster, and fossilized crustaceans, which resemble the modern shrimp.

Treat Yourself with Nature

Do you want to reduce stress and unwind from your hectic schedule? Well, treat yourself with nature. Visit the Veteran Acres Park. Aside from hiking, picnic, and other nature trails, you can also enjoy exhibits in the area. You deserve relaxation and peace of mind, so spend time with nature. What are you waiting for? Make Veteran Acres Park your next tour destination.

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