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The Dole Mansion

The Dole Mansion is an Italianate residence that was built way back in 1865 for Charles Sidney Dole, who is an influential ice harvester and grain baron. The Dole Mansion is considered one f the most important historic structures in Crystal Lake. Eliza Ringling, a member of the famous circus family, converted the mansion into Crystal Lake Country Club way back in 1922. The owner of the structure, a local church, listed it and its 12-acre lakefront area for sale. With this, the staff of Dole Mansion aims to protect and preserve the structure as well as the Lakeside Arts Park property for the use of the community in a historic and natural setting.

You can have the chance to be a Dole Volunteer

Do you want to join the advocacy of preserving and protecting the Dole Mansion? If yes, you can be a volunteer too. By being a volunteer, you can have lots of opportunities, such as meeting new friends. You can volunteer through different ways like handyman, events help, fundraising, and historical tour guide. With the help of volunteers and sponsors, The Dole Mansion maintains its safety, rich history as well as historical significance to the community. In addition, the beauty of the structure was also preserved and saved from any threat.

Studios for rent

The studios in The Dole Mansion are available for rent for artists of various artistic mediums and art educators.

Honoring the legacy

The staff and volunteers for The Dole Mansion want to honor the legacy. They strive hard to establish a firm foundation for the arts.

Friendly and dedicated staff

The Dole Mansion has a friendly and enthusiastic staff that will dedicatedly assist you if you want to be a Dole volunteer. They will assist you if you have inquiries about the advocacy of protecting the structure of The Dole Mansion.

The Dole Mansion is a Significant Part of History in Crystal Lake

The Dole Mansion is already a big part of the history of Crystal Lake. That’s why the residents of the place are willing to preserve its beauty and safety. There are various events conducted to raise funds for the benefit of The Dole Mansion.

Do you want to help with their advocacy? You can significantly help in various ways by donating financial support. If you’re an art educator or artist, you can rent the studios of The Dole Mansion the next time you visit the area. You can also help in the future of the community through supporting the landmark of the place. Aside from the protection and preservation of The Dole Mansion, you can also be a member to advocate local economic development, empower people, and provide environmentally sound solutions.

Are you ready to make a change to help the community? What are you waiting for? Be a Dole volunteer! With that, you can help to prolong the structure while enjoying different events that can help you to socialize and improve your personal development. Be a volunteer today!

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