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McHenry Riverwalk

Do you love outdoor adventures? Are you looking for a perfect place to relax and explore? If so, McHenry Riverwalk should be your next destination.

McHenry Riverwalk is a picture-perfect and exciting northern Illinois destination. You will love the rural escapes and outdoor adventures. Plus, the location is near to vintage downtowns and shopping districts.

A Never-Before Riverwalk Adventure 

From rich Renaissance past to today’s highly anticipated outdoor adventure destination, McHenry Riverwalk connects entertainment, dining, shopping, and recreation to the Fox River.  This Riverwalk runs along the Boone Creek from Green Street down to Riverside Drive and Fox River. So, this what makes it bring together the McHenry downtown’s district neighborhoods. After you explore the Riverwalk, you can enjoy fine dining, watch a movie, or wander around the waterfront within the district.

Gateway to the McHenry Development

Fox River is McHenry’s most remarkable natural feature. While this river bisects the town, it opened a new recreation opportunity. People before can only access Weber’s Park and Miller Pointe if they want worthwhile outdoors. It’s a good thing this Riverwalk was developed.

Additionally, the river is tied up to the older areas, which used to struggle trying to compete with larger retailers who have the resources to access the town edge’s more abundant land. In this situation, the Riverwalk was designed and established with goals in mind, including:

  • Create a new image for McHenry
  • Improve the residents’ quality of life 
  • Revitalize the downtown areas 
  • Reestablish McHenry as the entry point to the chain-of-lakes 
  • Provide new development opportunities 

McHenry Riverwalk Three Zones

This Riverwalk is broken into three zones, and each of them reflects the theme and setting for each section.

  • Historic Zone: Located in the heart of the town’s oldest part, the zone’s south bank is the most heavily wooded area. Old Pearl Street bridge is the zone’s highlight as it connects to the municipal parking lot on the creek’s north side.  A section of the bridge was donated by the Terra Cotta Company to be restored. The zone’s natural aspect and terrain blend well with the water cascading over the embankment boulders.
  • Residential Zone (Phase I): The Resident Zone runs along the creek going to the former Medical Arts building and then to McHenry Villa and Riverwalk Place Townhomes. The McHenry Vill and Lanco Development donated a land’s shoreline portion to accommodate the Riverwalk. A new pedestrian bridge connects the creek to Riverside Drive. The bridge’s low profile offers a neat and clean look, which gives the residents a scenic river view.
  • Commercial Zone: The Riverwalk’s Commercial Zone offers signage with a specific style, gazebo, and paved paths. These areas are perfect for any special events. The park’s new entryway features a short brick that prevents children from running into the street and distinguishes the park. This zone is also complete with a restroom facility.

Are you ready to explore the best of McHenry Riverwalk? From scenic views to a number of outdoor activities, this destination matches everyone’s outdoor adventure needs. 

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