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What Happens If Water Damage Goes Untreated?

Untreated water damage can cause devastating consequences, including respiratory conditions, collapses due to reduced structural integrity, and entrenched mold infestation. As soon as you notice the slightest signs, you should take immediate action to limit the risk of untreated water damage.

Doing so also saves you from expensive future repairs and the risk of rejection when you file a personal property insurance claim. 

Here, we explore the most common signs of water damage in your home to help you detect them before the damage is irreparable.

The Risk of Untreated Water Damage: 5 Lasting Consequences

1. Reduced Indoor Air Quality

Untreated water damage can result in reduced indoor air quality. Trapped moisture causes your rooms to smell musty and moldy, leading to lasting and hard-to-remove unpleasant odors.

Some odors come from the leftover moisture from the water damage, while others come about due to residual bacterial and fungal growth, which are proven health risks.

2. Permanent Ceiling and Wall Discoloration

Another risk of untreated water damage is brown or black staining in the ceiling and walls. These symptoms occur due to a buildup of leaking water or condensation coming into the walls and ceilings from the roof or gutters.

Check for burst hidden pipes, roof damage, and broken gutters to locate the leakage and limit the damage. After finding the source of the leakage, hire a professional painter from a qualified restoration service to skim and repaint the damaged areas.

3. Damaged Flooring

Another sign of untreated water damage is weak flooring, which is especially visible if you have vinyl or wood floors that soak in water more easily than tile, epoxy, or concrete floors.

Wood floors display this damage by buckling, warping, or loose planks. On the other hand, vinyl floors appear bulgy and discolored. Even tile flooring can show water damage by loosening up and lifting from the subsurface.

4. Damaged Drywall

Water damage can also cause a significant deterioration in the drywall. Damaged drywall cracks and becomes brittle, showing noticeable peeling, cracking, and crumbling due to the moisture present. In addition, mold damage could manifest and continue to damage the walls.

5. Electrical System Short Circuits

Another typical indication of untreated water damage is a damaged electrical system. Repairing this damage is urgent, as it can cause electrical shock injuries as well as fires if left untreated.

Involve a qualified electrician in the repair process as soon as possible to avoid injury to yourself or your family.

Call in the Professionals for Water Damage Restoration Today!

If left unchecked, the risk of water damage is dangerous; it can lead to cumulative structural damage that can eventually cause a collapse. 

Natural materials weaken over time, creating a moist and damp environment ripe for mold and bacterial growth and rodent and other pest infestations.

If you’ve recently had flooding inside your home or notice water damage on your property from an undiscovered plumbing problem, get in touch with the water damage restoration experts at Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services for expert water damage repair today.

We offer full water damage restoration as well as flood cleanup, mold removal, fire damage, and biohazard removal in McHenry, Crystal Lake, and the surrounding areas. Contact Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services today to schedule a free assessment and get your written estimate.

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